about us:

In the absence of connection to the outside, business and organizations can stagnate.  GT2 uses an organizational systems approach to the integration of three specific community perspectives as catalysts to the complete, transformational change of an entire region. 


civic entrepreneurship (Natural System) – Train & Equip Community Leaders

  1. Communicate the burning platform & vision
  2. Restore and refresh human capital
  3. Prepare and provide the future infrastructure

workforce education
 (Rational System) – Develop Career Pathways

  1. Establish a network of relationships for STEM Learning
  2. Align activities to entrepreneurship and regional competencies
  3. Provide mechanisms to connect


innovation economy (Open Systems) – Empower Regional Stakeholders

  1. Create a simple and seamless regulatory environment
  2. Establish activities to integrate and innovate stakeholders
  3. Ensure efficient commerce within and beyond the region



Scott, W. R., & Davis, G. F. (2007). Organizations and organizing: Rational, natural, and open system perspectives. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc.